Secrets from a wedding planner
I believe that a wedding should always be personalised an never generic.

10 questions that will help you define the best venue for your wedding.

Choosing the perfect place for your wedding is one of the most important and fundamental tasks to make your event of your dreams.

Before going through all the locations available for your wedding reception, take a moment and answer these questions and review these tips to choose the perfect venue for your wedding:

1 How many people are you going to invite to the wedding?

First, between your partner and you, define what type of wedding will be organized. Either if it's a small intimate wedding or a big wedding, you can already make the first outline of your guest list.

2 What is the style of your wedding?

Know and define the style of your wedding. It is very difficult to take a rustic place and make it elegant, or vice versa. Find places that fit the ideas you have in mind.

3 How much capacity does the venue have?

In many locations for a wedding, they will be several options. Many places offer spaces for large weddings, but also for more intimate celebrations.

4 Is it possible to celebrate the ceremony and reception at the same place?

It is a good idea, as well as practical, to perform the ceremony in the same place as the party. Also if the wedding date is on a day with good weather, ask the possibility of doing it outdoors.

5 Where will the guests stay?

Ask if it is possible that your guests can stay in the same venue as the party. If this is not possible, research for the closest accommodation options.

6 How easy is it to get there?

Is there public transportation nearby? What parking capacity do they have?
It is important to take all these logistical considerations into account. It is also important that the place has the minimum conditions for the safety and mobility of your guests.

7 What is the price per person?

Are there any minimum expenses or packages already preconfigured?
Please always ask for extra costs, small letters, etc. It is important to ensure that there is no surprise later.

8 What are your decorating options?

Do you have their own chairs and tablecloths? Do they work with a decorating company or should you look for a supplier?
It is important to know the facilities that the venue can give you for your wedding. If you are personally organizing the celebration, it is advisable for your peace of mind and less stress, that a single supplier can satisfy you several things.

9 Is there any restriction on what you can use? (this is a good question if you have something specific in mind such as decorating with candles)

How do you normally plan the itinerary for the reception and is there any room for changes at the moment?

10 Do  you need help?

Seek expert advice. Wedding planners are useful because we have in detail a wide range of reliable wedding venues. We are familiar with everything you need to create unforgettable events and celebrations. Ah, especially if you have some whim, we are the ones to turn it into reality.

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