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7 reasons to celebrate a beach destination wedding.

There are innumerable options of venues to carry out a wedding: hotels, golf courses, rural houses, etc. While all may seem good choices, it is also a good idea to consider the beach. If you hadn’t thought about it before, we'll show you 7 reasons why making your wedding on the beach may be the idea of ​​your dreams:

A chic wedding for those who like a relaxed atmosphere.

Weddings at beach destinations are ideal for relaxed couples who like a little adventure. It's for couples looking for something different and for brides who don’t mind changing their high heels for sandals.

A beach destination wedding is a much more intimate affair.

When planning a wedding outside of the city where you live, it’s important to be aware that fewer people will be able to attend. This is for many couples an advantage. The people closest to the couple, most likely, are those who will accompany you at the event. Creating a more intimate and close environment, gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your guests. As opposed to a traditional wedding, which becomes a much more difficult task.

The sea is the ideal setting for the wedding of your dreams.

You can invest a lot of time and budget looking for the ideal decorations for your wedding. But at a beach wedding, whatever you choose, you will always have an immense natural setting waiting for your big day.


Organize your honeymoon right in the place where you marry.

You can celebrate the wedding, then drive to the airport, take a long trip and reach the destination of your honeymoon. Or you can simply take a leisurely stroll after your wedding to your honeymoon suite and start your honeymoon.

Planning activities is an easy task.

What better than a day at the beach. There is a wide range of activities that you can organize before and after the wedding. Think of the bachelor party, a breakfast or family brunch, a yacht ride, etc.

Family and friends will be happy to travel.

There are two things why people do not mind getting on a plane: beach vacation and a wedding. People who attend the wedding will have a few days to relax from their daily lives.

Get married in a positive and calm atmosphere.

It has been shown that our brains have a positive reaction to water. The sea, an unlimited source of water, the horizon line and soothing sounds; are the perfect elements for the relaxation of the couple as well as their guests.


Planning a wedding can be difficult to control and often stressful, especially when you do not live in the same place where the event will be held. That is why it is advisable to entrust the coordination to a local wedding planner who is able to design the wedding of your dreams and manage everything necessary to make your experience something unforgettable. If you want to get married in Formentera, a magical place with beaches and landscapes considered one of the most beautiful in the world, do not hesitate to contact us.
7 reasons to celebrate a beach destination wedding.

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