Secrets from a wedding planner
I believe that a wedding should always be personalised an never generic.

About me
and this blog

Hello, my name is Yolanda Martínez , I live between Lake of Como and Formentera, my profession is Wedding Planner.

I studied a master for organizing institutional events and protocol at the International School of Protocol of Barcelona and subsequently did a specialization in wedding planning.
It is a wonderful and very creative work , I love to start a project with couples who are getting married starting from a dream, little by little, make it a reality.
My profession began with the organization of my own wedding in Formentera 10 years ago . This wonderful dream , together with my studies in the field and my unconditional love for this wonderful island , have led me to dedicate myself to this fantastic work.
In the last years many couples, who have relied on my experience, have allowed me to grow slowly , always learning something of every new project.
These couples never have the same profile since arriving from many parts of Europe and other continents, but all chasing a dream!
I like to start from zero every project. Each person is different and each pair too, so their wedding can never be the same !
I strongly believe in personalized weddings and avoid cliches or wedding packages , although sometimes the islands, especially Formentera, have some limitations.
My battle is to get on requirements and market supply , giving the couple the most suitable option for them and making it your wedding an unforgettable experience.