Secrets from a wedding planner
I believe that a wedding should always be personalised an never generic.

Before you get married, take some time to yourself.

With all the energy you've devoted to wedding planning, the excitement and nerves of the countdown. It is easy to lose sight of personal moments that give us a little balance and disconnection from the day to day. Even with the help of a wedding planner, it's once in life and it's all about the day you announce the love of your life officially.

Therefore it is compressible that in the pursuit of perfect shoes, dress accessories and ideal floral arrangements; you overlook a detail, your integral health. For this we give you these recommendations so that you program moments that will make you feel good on the inside and out:

It's the perfect time to start routines that can help you to be perfect on the big day and become part of your daily life after the celebration.

Six months before.

Schedule a visit with your dermatologist. 

It is a good alternative to take or resume skin care. Treating some blemishes and creating a routine to keep your skin healthy is something that will make you look wonderful at your wedding and will stay with you forever.

Yoga for feeling good inside and out. 

Six months before is a good time to improve your physical appearance and have an activity to detoxify stress to have a more balanced way of life. Yoga is a good idea to incorporate it into your day to day, making you feel more energetic and above all your wedding dress will look much better.

Start with a healthy meal routine and it does not have to be diet.

Eating healthy and balanced is a great idea to look great. It is also a good plan as a couple, so that when living together you have a healthy eating routine.

Three months earlier.

It is time to experiment. There are different alternatives depending on your beauty needs. You can opt for an eyelash extension, a hair removal and eyebrow design, etc. Three months before gives you the chance to get used a little to a new look or just try and experience beauty treatments.

Leaving aside the physical beauty, it is important to take into account that it is also a special moment for the people closest to you. For your family and friends it can be an event that will open a new cycle. We recommend that you look for spaces to share with the people that matter most to you. Go out to a night with friends, have a drink with your parents, have a pajamas night with your sisters, in short, gives time to enjoy the people you most love.

A month before.

The best recommendation: relax. Since most wedding issues have to be more or less resolved, if not, do not worry it will sure work out. Delegate to your wedding planner everything you need so that you can enjoy stress-free the last details before the big day.

The advantage of taking care of your integral health 6 months before is that during the last time to the wedding you will feel and look great.

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