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Flowers for your wedding. The Meaning of flowers.

Since ancient times, flowers were mystical, magical and sentimental symbols. For thousands of years, they have been used as a reflection of love, friendship, affection, intentions, achievements and sympathy. The beauty and characteristics of each flower represents thoughts and intentions that could be difficult to express in words. Giving or receiving flowers opens our hearts to receive or send this message.

Throughout history, flowers have been used to convey a message.

In Victorian times, flowers were used as a language of correspondence between lovers. The study of the language of flowers, called floriography, was created during this era and although the meanings have been transformed over time, it allows us to have the knowledge to express what we mean by flowers.

Flowers for your wedding. Know the meaning.

The importance of flowers on a wedding is no exception. We should look for a flower that represents our personality as well as the meaning and symbol of the romance. That is why they are a very common element, practically vital in a marriage celebration. Choose the one that goes best with your taste, your personality and that leave a message that complements your dress, as much as it decorates the celebration.

3 flowers for your wedding and its meanings:

The alstroemeria also called Peruvian lily or astromelia, is a flower that blooms between late spring and early summer. It has a great variety of colors between orange, pink, purple, yellow, white. It is a flower that has no perfume and is a sturdy flower after the cut.

Meaning: Happiness and abundance. It is a flower to celebrate health, prosperity and good fortune.

Also known as anthurio, they are very popular for their vivid colors and thick heart-shaped leaves. The spadix, which is a type of spike, is confused with the flower that can be red, purple, apple green, intense pink and orange. They exist, even though difficult to get, in colors: white, black and yellow.

Meaning: The meaning is simple: irresistible. Celebrate the desire for an event that has arrived, as well as the good fortune of life.

Lilium. Flowers for your wedding.

Also known as Lilis. It is a beloved flower in the world of floral decoration for events. Its flowers are large and are situated at the end of the stem. There is a great variety of colors, predominating white, pink, red, yellow and combinations of these. The lilium flowers have an elegant, fine appearance and a slender architecture that stands out on its own.

Meaning: Symbolizes magnificence and beauty. This flower combines two attributes, innocence and purity. These are associated with white lilium. A good choice for your bridal bouquet.

There are many other options to choose from. You will surely find the ideal flowers according to your personality and the message you want to convey. This is the first part of "flowers for your wedding" we will be publishing more information soon.


Alstroemeria flowers for your wedding

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