Secrets from a wedding planner
I believe that a wedding should always be personalised an never generic.

Keys to choose a good wedding photographer.

When it comes to your wedding day, it a day so special that it could be overwhelming and some memories could be a bit out of focus. All the planning and work is already set: the flowers you have chosen, your dress, the banquet, the cake, your friends and family enjoying the party; those are the elements that you were planning for a long time and that for one day finally will see the light.

Unfortunately, this moment only lasts a day and passes very quickly. This is the main reason why your wedding photographer is such an important decision. Those are the people who will take care of collecting the details, the moments and the memories, that later in your life you will be able to revive.

To ensure that these professionals achieve more than just beautiful photos, it is important to take into account certain aspects to avoid falling on advertising tricks or mediocre photographers. Here are some of the keys that will make your memories last in the best way forever:

Investigate styles of photographs before looking for a photographer.

Nowadays with the help of social networks like Instagram and Pinterest, it is possible to comfortably look for inspiration about styles of wedding photographs and profiles of photographers. Define the style you like, the photographs you would like to have.

Define the concept of photography.

Would you like for a photographer to record what happens on the day or one that captures the romance and bond of the couple? Make a list of the photos you cannot miss in your photo album. This list, regardless of the professional you hire, can make it a reality.

Define your budget.

At least have a general idea of ​​the budget. Prices can vary considerably and it is best not to waste time with someone who is not within your reach. On the other hand if the price is too good to be true, they may skimp on the quality or something else.

Ask couples who already celebrated their wedding.

A good option is to look at wedding photos of other couples and if you like them, ask for the provider. You can also ask about the experience and the formality of the photographer, it is always good to have trustworthy recommendations.

Try your photographer with a pre wedding shoot.

A great idea is that when defining your photography provider; first try it with an engagement session. You can be creative and take fun pictures and at the same time you can see if you feel comfortable with your photographer and if he or she has the characteristics and skills you are expecting.

Do you already have a photographer? Give enough time for the “new husband and wife” session.

Be sure to give yourself time for pictures with your family and friends as well as couple portraits. Ask your photographer how much time you need for the couple session. It is often very nice to take some time during the wedding to have intimate photos and spend some time alone away from the hustle and bustle of the celebration.


Enjoy the day. A stressed or unhappy bride or groom does not look good on pictures. Weddings can be stressful, but remember that the only important part of the day is you and your partner.

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