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Can we have a catholic wedding? Is this valid in our country?

All couples wishing to have a church wedding must fulfill the conditions required by the parish church where they are resident.At present the Catholic Church accepts  mixed couples, provided that at least one person is catholic and fulfils the requirements to get married.

The first thing to do to get married in Ibiza or Formentera is to get in touch with the priest from your parish church. We can help you through a representative in each parish to make contact with the local priest and set an interview. The priest will tell you which documents are to be produced and who will put you in touch with the Ibiza Bishopric.

This procedure has to be loked after by the couple itself. We can help you at a later stage.

Who can have a civil wedding?

All those couples who fulfill the conditions required by law can have a civil wedding provided that at least one is Spanish, lives in Spain or has lived in Spain during the last 3 months.

In Spain this also applies to same-sex couples.

Why would you get married in Formentera or Ibiza?

For those people who don’t want to conform to a conventional wedding and had the chance to experience the magic of these islands it is a natural choice. It may not be the least expensive option, but it will surely be an unforgettable experience for you and all your guests. It is a present to yourself and also to your relatives and friends. It’s an experience that lasts for a weekend or for a few days, not just few hours.

Everything is part of the celebration: getting to the island, the wedding, the day after...It is a chance to spend time together with all your family and friends, in a once in a life occurrence.

Why hire a wedding planner in Formentera or Ibiza? Why hire a wedding planner at the Lake of Como?

It’s perfect for people who don’t have the time and resources, either because they don’t have enough time or live somewhere else. Also, hiring a wedding planner and their team, means you can rely upon their specialized experience and thorough knowledge of both islands, Ibiza and Formentera and the Como Lake.

An entire team will be at your disposal.

Bluecharmweddings is the right choice.

How much does our service cost?

Bluecharmweddings offers a variety of services. A wedding planned from start to finish would approximately equal the 10% of the whole celebration cost, but every case is unique and may require a more personalised approach. However, if you’d rather arrange your wedding in Formentera, Ibiza or Como Lake independenttly, we can assist you through online consultation.

Furthermore, we’ll create  a personalised webpage for the couple, which can be used as a virtual wedding announcement, online wedding program and thank you card for the attending guests or to communicate with to those who cannot attend the event.

What does the organisation of a wedding involve?

To get married in Formentera or Ibiza or in Italy can be a very difficult task, if you are not from the area, don’t live there or don’t speak the language. You will most likely start researching your chosen wedding location, but how will you know which venue would suit your needs best? You can only rely upon a picture or a description that the hotel or restaurant has written itself. You don’t know if it has neighbours, how many people it can accomodate, its timetable, its style. You don’t know if it it will be possible to have a private ceremony even if the beach is public.

You don’t know  the food quality or the place management, etc...

On top of that you trust the quality of the photographer, the flowerist, the dj and of the entertaining and decoration staff that you have been suggested, only because they are their usual partners and not because they are the most suitable for you.

The same probems will likely arise when deciding on a church. Our services can prove to be very valuable, regardless of the size of the group attending, especially in cases where a priest talking your language is needed.

The most important aspect of our wedding planning service is to have someone who will guide you through the planning process of your wedding and provide you with professional advice and answer any question that can arise.

Above all we will be there on your wedding day, without being noticed, taking care of every little detail, avoiding all the possible last minute unpleasant surprises while supporting you in the most important day of your life.

What is the on-line consulting about?

An on-line consulting service gives every couple the essential information to start planning a wedding. Information provided include restaurant options, prices, seating capacity, characteristics, availability, photography, the celebration location as well as the best suitable suppliers with their contacts and some samples of their previous works. This service comes with the creation of a webpage with all the information about the couple, the celebration place, the island, etc... The webpage can also be used as virtual wedding announcement, online program, thank you card to the attending guests or to communicate to those who aren’t attending the event.

If you want to see an example or enquire about cost, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why hire Blue Charm Weddings as your wedding planner?

Because planning wedding is our specialty and we know every single corner and every place to celebrate an unforgettable wedding in Ibiza or in wonderful Formentera. We also bring our specialist know-how to the small villages on the shores of Lake Como.

Because we have established great relationships with the islands' suppliers and we can recommend you the most suitable one for your expectations.

Because we offer, above all, a highly personalised treatment, uniquely tailored to suit every couple’s need.

We are always at your disposal.

Because you want something different.

Because our services guarantee a stress free and succesful celebration.

In short, because you want to be relaxed and enjoy your wedding with no worries.